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Turner Falls Park in Davis, OklahomaIn the Arbuckle Mountains, a few miles north of the Red River, across the Texas border, in Oklahoma, just off Interstate 35, on a 100 degree plus day in August, Eyes on Texas discovered one of the most scenic areas found yet while exploring Texas and surrounding environs. The travertine pools of Turner Falls Park were  filled with multitudes of people lounging in the water. The water is very warm, fed by crystal clear underground springs delivered by Honey Creek. Turner Falls Park has  steep cliffs, caves, beautiful trees, waterfalls, a castle and much more.

Turner Falls is named after Mazeppa Thomas Turner, a farmer who discovered the falls in 1878. Recreational use of Turner Falls began soon upon their discovery. 

Turner Falls Park is a city park operated by the city of Davis, Oklahoma. The Falls fall into a natural swimming pool.

Turner Falls Park covers 1,500 acres.

If you're heading to Turner Falls you might want to visit nearby Lake Murray State Park.

WinStar World Casino, the Largest in the World is a few miles south of Turner Falls Park

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the overlook above Turner Falls

This view of Turner Falls is from a highway overlook. Most of the rockwork and trails in Turner Park were built during the 30's by the CCC*. The highway down to the park was also built during the Great Depression. By prison labor. A very steep stone trail leads from the overlook to the valley floor, but it was blocked because it was too dangerous. Please note the area directly below the falls. We will be much closer to that area in a few more photos.

*Civilian Conservation Corp

Inside Turner Falls Park is 77 foot Turner Falls, Several Swimming Holes, Sandy Beaches, Bath Houses, 3 Caves, a Castle made of Rock, Trails, Campsites, R.V. Hookups, Cabins, Picnic Tables, Concession Stands & Rock Formations.  

FEES (rates subject to change)

Summer May 1 - Sept. 30 Park Admission
Per Person Per Day
Campsite Fee
Per Vehicle per Night
Adults (13 yrs. and up)
Children 6 - 12
Children 5 and under
Seniors (55yrs and better)
Active Military with ID
no fee
$12.50 plus
Park Admission
Per Person Per Day
Winter: Oct. 1 - April 30 Park Admission
Per Person Per Day
Campsite Fee
Per Vehicle Per Night
Adults & children 6 and up
Children 5 and under
Seniors (55yrs and better)
no fee
$12.50 plus
Park Admission
Per Person Per Day

(scroll to end for Cabin / RV fee info)

Honey Creek in Turner Falls Park

All along Honey Creek you see scenes like this. Both below the falls and above. 


Click here for a Map of the Turner Falls Park Area


bridge over Honey Creek at Turner Falls Park in Oklahoma A bridge over Honey Creek, on the trail that follows the creek through the park.

Check out Turner Falls Park in Winter for many more photos of Honey Creek

walking across a bridge below Turner Falls in Turner Falls Park in Oklahoma

An Okie Cowboy sauntering over one of the many foot bridges which cross Honey Creek.

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Turner Falls Park is located in Davis, Oklahoma. The actual town of Davis, the part where houses and stores are located, is about 7 miles from Turner Falls. Davis is one of those small towns that is very well kept. Like Main Street in Disneyland with vintage street lights, flower boxes and an overall attractive appearance. Don't go to Turner Falls Park without checking out Davis. There are a dozen or so restaurants in Davis, including chains like Sonic Drive In, Subway and Pizza Hut. You can go to Babe's Hot Tamales or Las Cascadas for Mexican food. Or Smokin Joes Rib Ranch for Okie BBQ. In addition to Babe's and Smokin Joes there are several other homegrown eateries, like Bill's Chester Fried Chicken, Burgerland (no idea what the cuisine might be at Burgerland), Coree's Dougherty Diner, Main Street Restaurant, Snak Shak I-35 & the Specialty Bakery (if you are in need of a good doughnut).

On your way to Turner Falls Park, at Exit 51 from I-35, you'll see a sign that says "Fried Pies". This is the location of "Nancy's Original Fried Pies". You will want to stock up on some of Nancy's pies before you spend the day at Turner Falls. The pies have pretty much achieved a sort of cult status. They are good. Fattening, but good. The most popular is apricot. Other flavors are pecan, cherry, pineapple, blackberry, apple and others. Nancy makes sugar-free pies for those who can't eat sugar. There are a few cream pies like lemon and chocolate. And what Nancy calls Savory Pies. These are like chicken pot pies in turnover form.

Click here for info about Nancy's Original Fried Pies

diving into the Blue Hole at Turner Falls Park in Oklahoma

The swimming area called the Blue Hole. Turner Falls looks almost tropical in places.

the stairs to the castle in Turner Falls Park in Oklahoma

The rock stairs leading to the Castle. This huge rock house built by an eccentric doctor in the 1930s. It was all built from rock quarried in the area by a very poor couple and their son, fallen on very hard times in the Great Depression, living in a tent while they built the house. The doctor would come up on weekends with fresh supplies. The castle is huge. There are two outhouses built in the same style, a guest rock house and a garage. All of these buildings are connected by elaborate rock stairs.

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sitting on the roof of the castle in Turner Falls Park

A pair of Texas Goobers sitting on the roof of the Turner Falls Castle.

Check out Turner Falls Park in Winter for many more photos of theTurner Falls Rock Castle

another view of the Turner Falls Park castle

Part of the upper part of the Turner Falls Castle. With very narrow stairways and very low ceilings the castle appears to have been built for very narrow, short people .

Durango swimming under Turner Falls in Turner Falls Park in Oklahoma

This is the close up look at Turner Falls referenced earlier. Durango, aka the Eyes on Texas, is visible enjoying the warm falling water in this photo.

Outlaw Cave sign in Turner Falls Park The Outlaw Cave sign points the way to the trail that leads to Outlaw Cave.
inside Outlaw Cave in Turner Falls Park in Oklahoma

Only two outlaws can been seen here, at the cave entrance, or exit, depending on which way you are going through the cave.

Check out Turner Falls Park in Winter
for many more photos of Outlaw Cave
andthe trails above Turner Falls

You have completed your August look at Turner Falls Park


In Turner Falls Park you will find 12 cabins starting at $150.00 per night for 4 people maximum. (This includes the park admission)

The cabins have an open floor plan with 2 full-size beds, a futon couch/bed, small dorm-size fridge, stove top with 2 burners, microwave, coffee pot, a table with 4 chairs, AC/Heater combo with one bathroom with a toilet, sink and shower. Linens furnished for the beds only. You will need to bring linens for the futon and all kitchen and bathroom supplies.


NO SMOKING is allowed inside any Turner Falls Park rentals. NO PETS allowed inside Turner Falls Park.


(with water & electricity)
$40.00 night plus park admission


(with water & electric service)
$25.00 night plus park admission
RV. & tent sites are first come first serve.

Pet Policy:

Pets of any type are NOT allowed inside Turner Falls Park for any reason.

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