The D/FW Metroplex has many street fairs and festivals. Many are good, many are not so good. The Main Street Arts Festival is among the very good. Artists come from all over the country to display and sell their art. Prices range up to tens of thousands of dollars. The festival lasts 4 days. There is much music and since it is Texas, much food. Over a half million people attend this event.

2017 Main St. Fort Worth Arts Festival
April 20 -  23

The MAIN St. Fort Worth Arts Festival is a four-day visual arts, entertainment and culture event. showcasing a nationally recognized fine art and fine craft juried art fair, good food, live concerts, performance artists and street performers on the streets of downtown Fort Worth


On Main Street in downtown Fort Worth between the Tarrant County Courthouse on the north end and the Fort Worth Convention Center on the south end of downtown Fort Worth..


The Southwest's largest arts and entertainment festival.


2017 Main St. Fort Worth Arts Festival
April 20 -  23

Free Admission

Thursday through Saturday artists close at 8:00PM-
Sunday artists close at 6:00PM,

More Details: Official Website

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Main Street Arts Festival Venues

A sign pointing to the various venues, which gives you an idea of the size of this thing, the fact it needs directional signs.

Main Street Arts Festival

A few years ago the Main Street Arts Festival had to be moved a couple miles west to what is called the 'Cultural District' ; the area of Fort Worth were culture is allowed unfettered. This move was necessitated by a tornado which had blown through downtown wreaking much havoc. That tornado is a distant memory and now a monument to that tragedy stands in downtown Fort Worth, known as the Plywood Skyscraper.

Main Street Arts Festival

Main Street is a wide street with wide sidewalks. 
But this throng made it seem way too small. Very crowded.

Main Street Arts Festival

On Main Street at Sundance Square a master sand castle builder constructed this Fort Worth themed sand sculpture. It was interesting but seemed borderline out of place hundreds of miles from the nearest ocean sand.

Main Street Arts Festival Coupons

A totally Texas Tacky practice the Eyes on Texas has only witnessed in Texas. United States Currency is not accepted. To buy food and drink you must first get in line to buy coupons, sold in blocks of 9 for 5 bucks. This practice seems to inflate the prices. And since you can not get refunds for unused coupons you find yourself buying things you didn't want, just to use up your coupons.

Main Street Arts Festival

5 coupons for a 20 oz. would be an interesting psychology of selling experiment to see which sells more, pricing the Coke at 5 coupons, or pricing it at $2.75. 

Main Street Arts Festival Coors

Obviously downtown Fort Worth is not a dry zone, judging by all the oversized Coor Light signs and the beer purveyors all over selling 12 ounces for 7 coupons. You do the math. That is expensive beer.

Main Street Arts Festival Food

Texans have been shocked of late to learn they rank near the top of the nation in obesity levels. You do seem to see more examples of this than you do on the west coast. There is just so much tempting food. 

Main Street Arts Festival Fried Food

Here we see a prime example of the sort of tempting fare which may contribute to this phenomenon of excess girth. This food booth is an excellent example of the Texan tendency to fry foods that might be best left out of a deep fryer.

Main Street Arts Festival Wurst

Above we see some Texans lining up for their wurst after completing the process of the coupon buying line.

Main Street Arts Festival Shelly Corbett

This artist, Shelly Corbett, came over 2000 miles
 for this event, from Seattle.

Main Street Arts Festival Artists

At each artist's display there is info about the artist, where he/she was from, and a description of the artist's work, often in his/her own words.

Main Street Arts Festival Art

Not everyone can meet the criteria get into the Arts Festival. There is an effort made to display a wide range of styles and types.

Main Street Arts Festival Artists

In a painting is about the only way you see tulips in Texas.

Main Street Arts Festival Giant Bird

This giant bird made its way down the street 
squawking at the crowd to please let it pass.

Main Street Arts Festival Fish

This fish cost a few thousand dollars. 
That's a lot of coupons.

Main Street Arts Festival Artists

Some more fish dangling in an air aquarium.

Main Street Arts Festival Figures

This looked even more interesting in person.

Main Street Arts Festival Artist Sculptures

That squawking bird is in the background of the display of sculptures. These are very expensive.

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