Texas has 254 counties. Many of the county seats have very ornate courthouses and courthouse squares. Granbury may be the best. It was the first listed in the National Register of Historic Places. The town itself has a scenic setting, on Lake Granbury. The courthouse square is not one of those that has seen better days. Granbury is a bustling tourist town, the possible resting place of Jessie James and the location of many classic Texas festivals of which one is the birthday celebration for the town's namesake, the Confederate General Hiram B. Granbury.

Granbury is the county seat of Hood County. As of the 2010 census, Granbury's population was 7,978. Granbury is located 35 miles southwest of Fort Worth.

Granbury is rich with Texas history. Davy Crockett's wife, Elizabeth, settled in Hood County following the Texas Revolution's successful revolt againt Mexico. Davy Crockett's widow, as well as other Alamo participants, received land grants. Elizabeth Crockett is buried in Acton State Historic Site, which happens to be the smallest state park in Texas. A large statue of Elizabeth Crockett marks her grave site. Several of Crockett's descendants still reside in Hood County.

Hood County Courthouse in Granbury

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The Courthouse Square filled with arts and crafts and barbecue smokers. And people. That is the Hood County Courthouse hovering over the birthday party.

General Granbury's Birthday Party Goers

A parade for General Granbury with the town band playing birthday music.

ACTON HISTORIC SITE---The smallest state park in Texas is the grave site of Elizabeth Crockett, second wife of Davy Crockett. The Monument honoring Mrs. Crockett was ordained by an act of the Texas Legislature in 1911. Go 6 miles east on U.S. 377 to FM 167.
Hood County Courthouse in Granbury Now we are at the opposite side of the square looking into the sun for a much better noon day look at the ornate courthouse and the parade watchers.
Marching for Jesus in Granbury It is not known if the Texas State Legislature mandates that Jesus have an entry in every parade in Texas, or if it is just one of those being in the buckle of the Bible Belt things.
ALSO IN GRANBURY: GRANBURY RIVERBOAT--- The Riverboat cruises Lake Granbury year round with brunch, lunch or dinner with live entertainment or Murder Mystery. The 96 foot boat takes off from Pier 144 Marina at 2323 S. Morgan, a mile south of the Hwy 333/144 intersection. Reservations required. Call 817.279.8687.
BBQ Ribs at General Granbury's Birthday

At General Granbury's Birthday Party various teams compete as to who makes the best beans. There are also BBQ ribs and brisket being smoked, but the beans are the main focus of contention.

Southern Belles selling bean tasting kits Lovely Southern Belles at each corner of the courthouse square sell bean sampling kits for a buck. The bean sampler then moseys around the courthouse square trying the various beans.
ALSO IN GRANBURY: GRANBURY LIVE---Professional cast performs music from the golden age of rock-n-roll along with comedy. All in appropriate costumes and totally family friendly. More Info
A General Granbury's Birthday Party Bean Team

Here we see another Bean Team. These photos were all taken around noon. At 3 in the afternoon, after a day of bean eating, the World's Most Outrageous Outhouse Race takes place. As this race was not witnessed it is not known if this is a race to the outhouse or if the outhouses somehow race.

Beans out of a Toilet Bowl at General Granbury's Birthday Party A Texan was heard to say 'that's Tacky' when she saw this Bean Team's setup. This one goes on the Texas Tacky list.
ALSO IN GRANBURY: BRAZOS DRIVE-IN THEATER---1950's era drive-in movie. Very few of these are still in operation. For movie schedule call 817.573.1311
Texan Men BBQing

As this sign indicates, proud Texas men cook, or as others might call it, barbecue. And they cook well. The smell of barbecue in Texas is so good, it should be the State Smell.

Civil War Re-Enactment Confederate Recruiters

This being Confederate General Granbury's birthday party apparently rendered this event a good place to recruit new soldiers for the local Confederate regiment.

g10.jpg (38572 bytes) Here we see some of the current Confederate soldiers helping to keep order among the throngs of birthday celebrators.
Hood County Sherrif Department Bean Team

The Hood County Sheriff Department had a very unique name for its Bean Team. This probably should go on the Texas Tacky list too, but frequent return visits to Granbury probably would make that not a good idea.

Hood County Sheriff Department Brisket BBQers Here we see the Hood County Sheriff Department's rib and brisket cooking team in action.
ALSO IN GRANBURY: GRANBURY OPERA HOUSE--- Originally built in 1886 the Granbury Opera House has been restored to its original condition. Plays, musicals and melodramas are performed throughout the year. For info call 800.547.4697 or 817.573.9191.
Line waiting for Sheriff's bean at General Granbury's Birthday Party

A view of the throng trying to get to or away from the Sheriff's Bean Team.

More Southern Belles Selling Bean Tasting Kits

A couple more Southern Belles on one of the other corners of the courthouse square selling General Granbury's Bean Sampling kits. Behind them you see an example of the confusing road signs in Texas, likely a holdover from the time of trying to mislead incoming Union troops.

ALSO IN GRANBURY: HOOD COUNTY MUSEUM---The museum is in the old Hood County jail which was built in 1885, depicting the history of Hood County from the early days of colonization. You'll get to see a hanging tower and original cell blocks. Open Saturday-Sunday from 1 to 4 pm. 209 N. Crockett. 817.573.5135
Theater on the Granbury Hood County Courthouse Square

Here we see a beautifully restored theater on the courthouse square, done in a retro art deco type style. Now if Granbury can manage to do this, and even Archer City can manage to do this, wouldn't you think that a little town like Fort Worth could manage to do something with one of its signature eyesores in the heart of its tourist zone, the Stockyards?

That's it for the General's Birthday Party.

Of the many festivals seen in Texas, this one may be the best. Cheap food and lots of it. The use of actual United States Currency rather than the bizarre coupon system used in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex. No admittance charge. The scenic town. The friendly people. And that wonderful smell of Texas barbecue. And beans.

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