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Located in Seattle's downtown, a couple blocks west of Westlake Center and the southern terminus of the monorail Pike Place Market is a remarkable tourist attraction, historical area, shopping mecca and public market overlooking Elliott Bay in Seattle, Washington in the Great Pacific Northwest. The Market opened in 1907 and is the oldest farmer's market in the United States. Located in Seattle's downtown, a couple blocks west of Westlake Center and the southern terminus of the monorail, Pike Place occupies over 9 acres. 

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Looking across Elliot Bay to an incoming Washington State Ferry about to arrive at the Coleman Ferry Terminal. West Seattle and Alki Point and Beach is across the bay.

Looking out the window while having lunch across the street from the main entrance to Pike Place Market.
The famous location where the fish fly.
Ground level at the market entrance.
In addition to many shops selling a wide variety of products first and foremost Pike Place Market is a farmer's market which you can clearly see in this photo. 
El Mercado Latino. Lots of red chili peppers here.
You can find newspapers from all over the world as well as magazines at this news stand.
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Pike Place Market video
Piroshky, Piroshky is one of the restaurants found in Post Alley. Very good Russian food here including Borscht. 
This part of the market can get very crowded. If you experience gridlock it is a good idea to turn around or seek a detour.
Go here for the smoked salmon cocktails.
Sur la Table is where you go for kitchen supplies that you can't find anywhere else.
Coffee from the original Starbucks is mandatory during a visit to Pike Place.
The Sanitary Market, so named because back in the horse and buggy era horses were not allowed in this part of the market.
Post alley can be found on the Sanitary Market side of the street. It is a sort of hidden alley where there are many more shops and restaurants.
Pike Place Market is built on the edge of a steep slope with an elaborate stairway called the Hillclimb connecting the market to the Seattle Waterfront. There are several levels below the main level, featuring a labyrinth of shops featuring an astonishing variety of items. The upper street level is occupied by seafood vendors, fresh produce stands, baked goods, flying fish and arts and crafts vendors operating under the covered arcades. Local farmers sell their fresh produce year round in stalls spread throughout the upper level of the market. Pike Place Market is listed in the United States National Register of Historic Places. Perhaps, in part, because Pike Place Market is where the Starbucks empire began.

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