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Alki Point, is the westernmost point in West Seattle, Washington. Alki is the peninsular neighborhood surrounding it. 

Jutting out into Puget Sound, Alki was the original non-Indian settlement in what was to become the city of Seattle. 

Alki was part of the city of West Seattle from 1902 to 1907, after which Alki was annexed to Seattle, along with the rest of West Seattle.

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Looking at downtown Seattle from Alki beach in west Seattle.
You can see the new Mariner stadium to the right of the rusty tanker.

A zoomed view from the same location. 
You can see ferries coming and going.

The north end of downtown Seattle 
with another ferry heading towards Coleman Dock.

A panorama view from Aki across Elliot Bay.

A Showstopper Storm Surge Slaps Waves
 at Seattle's Alki Point Statue of Liberty

The Denny Party landed at Alki Point November 13, 1851, and platted a settlement of six blocks of eight lots. The original name of the settlement was "New York Alki," "Alki" being a word in Chinook Jargon (Wawa) meaning "eventually" or "by and by." However, the next April, Arthur A. Denny abandoned the site at Alki for a better-situated site on the east shore of Elliott Bay, just north of the plat of David Swinson "Doc" Maynard. This site is now known as Pioneer Square.

Charles Terry, who owned the land, and some others held on at Alki for a while, but most eventually joined the others in Pioneer Square. Terry gave his claim to Dr. Maynard in 1857 in exchange for his Pioneer Square holdings; Maynard farmed the land for 11 years and sold it to Hans Martin Hanson and Knud Olson in 1868, Hanson taking possession of the point itself. The Alki Point Lighthouse dates from 1913, replacing the United States Lighthouse Service's post light from 1887 and Hanson's lantern-on-a-post from the mid 1870s.

Well into the 20th century, Alki was reachable from most of Seattle only by boat. Alki today is reminiscent of a California beach town, with a mix of mid-century bungalows, medium-rise waterfront apartment houses, waterfront businesses, a thin beach, and a road with a bike/foot trail running several miles along the water. This section of West Seattle is bounded on the northwest by Elliott Bay; on the southwest by Puget Sound; and on the east by the West Seattle hill. 

There have been summer concerts at Alki Beach since the early 1900s—the original streetcars to West Seattle were established in order to bring people to these events. Today, the beach plays host to the Seattle Music Fest every August. It is a three-day music festival that plays host to emerging Northwest artists and selected national and international headliners.

source: Wikipedia

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