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This is your mini tour around the Paul Allen funded-Frank Gehry designed EMP building which has no right angles. Or left angles for that matter. Photos of the inside were not allowed so you will have to come visit in person to really be Experienced.

The Experience Music Project is located at the Seattle Center, under the shadow of the Space Needle. The Seattle Monorail passes through the EMP building on route to its Seattle Center Station.

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Here we see strategically placed sky lights in the baby blue part. Inside this section is the virtual reality ride called Artist's Journey. To the non-Seattle savvy, that is the Space Needle hovering overhead. The Space Needle and EMP are on the grounds of the Seattle Center which in 1962 were the grounds of the Seattle World's Fair.

This part is called the canyon. Where the monorail goes into the building. The monorail travels between the steep canyon walls of the baby blue part and the purple/coppery part of the building. It is believed this part of the structure has something to do with a guitar being smashed by Jimi Hendrix. Jimi Hendrix was a Seattle native who died young as is somewhat the norm for Seattle musicians. Jimi Hendrix is probably best known for the phrase 'purple haze' and for a notorious rendition of the Star Spangled Banner played at the original Woodstock.

Note the swoopy glass panel things. They appear to be rain-shedding related which would indicate this could be an interesting part of the building to observe during one of Seattle's rare downpours.

From the front. There are no right angles on this building. It will be interesting to see how it withstands the weather. The fire engine red part is designed to fade into old Chevy red.

From inside the Fun Forest Amusement Park the EMP looks a bit ominous. You can see the purple part reflecting on the silver part in this photo. Inside the tall purple section is the most impressive thing of all, Sky Church. It simply has to be seen, and heard, to be believed. According to those who have seen and heard it.

Here we see the newly remodeled base of the Space Needle. We are looking south here. EMP is behind us. 

Next time you're in Seattle don't miss going to EMP. Just ignore the sticker shock of the admission price. All reports indicate it is well worth it. On a windy day taking the elevator to the observation deck on top of the Space Needle is also worth the price due to the amusement park ride aspect caused by the needle swaying in the wind. If you are real lucky you will be at the top during an earthquake when the ride is the best in town, and supposedly the safest.

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