One Week In Washington, July 2002

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jr.jpg (28378 bytes) Youngest Nephew Jeremy turned 16 since the last visit to Washington by his favorite uncle. Here we see Jeremy driving his PT Cruiser and taking his uncle to the airport with a stop at a Rain Forest Cafe on the way.  
stadium.jpg (21377 bytes) Two visit's ago, the Kingdome was gone, last August the new Seahawk Stadium was well under way. And now it's done.
rainier.jpg (15790 bytes) That would be Mount Rainer and a sign for a Mexican Restaurant. I've been asked often by Washingtonians what Tex-Mex is. Well, it is what we would just think of as your usual Mexican restaurant, except for one difference. They do this weird queso thing in Texas with the chips which near as I can tell is melted velveeta. Best avoided, but in Tex-Mex places you are often asked if you want queso.

bridge.jpg (13580 bytes)

In the air, the west end of the I-90 floating bridge as it goes into the Mount Baker Tunnel. 
bridge2.jpg (9529 bytes) Another view of the floating bridge. This is the bridge that sank a few years back in a bad rainstorm while I-90 was being finished. You can see the eastern part of the bridge here where it goes under the lid over Mercer Island.
lake.jpg (21776 bytes) Looking towards the south end of Lake Washington.
bridge3.jpg (15194 bytes) The eastern end of the I-90 bridge over Lake Washington nearing the I-405 exchange. In Texas they call these sort of things Mixmasters and they take decades to build. Fort Worth took 11 years to build their $280 million downtown Mixmaster project. 
lake2.jpg (28378 bytes) A good view back at the floating bridge and Mercer Island, looking west.
seattle.jpg (14001 bytes) Getting far enough up and away now that you can see downtown Seattle, sorta hazy. For non-Washingtonions who visit and remark that there is water everywhere, the sky view gives a good perspective on that.
nancy.jpg (33850 bytes) Flew right over sister Nancy's house on Lake Meridian in Kent. The first photo is closer, the second view is a bit further south and east with a wider angle of the horizon. 
nancy2.jpg (29410 bytes)
plane.jpg (20402 bytes) Sharing the cramped quarters sitting next to me and helping me find things to take photos of is this Bellevue High School student from Hong Kong en route to Oklahoma City to go to the wedding of a cousin of relatives she'd never met....can't imagine going that far to meet relatives  you've never met, unless it was an event well-planned by reliable trustworthy relatives. 
mountain.jpg (29147 bytes) This was not Mount Rainier.
columbia.jpg (16956 bytes) Oregon peaks in the distance. I think the closer one is Mount Hood. 
mountain2.jpg (9159 bytes) More peak pix.
columbia4.jpg (14620 bytes) The Columbia River Gorge. You can see a dam on the right. Don't know which of them it is.
columbia3.jpg (14566 bytes) The last two photos are of the Columbia River and it looks almost as if you can see all the way to the Pacific. 
columbia2.jpg (17923 bytes)


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