Seattle's New Stadiums

In the 3 year's since moving to Texas, Seattle has opened Safeco Field, blown up the Kingdome, cleaned up that mess, and has a new football stadium for the Seahawks almost finished. The area around the old Kingdome has been totally altered in the past 3 years. There is now a pedestrian bridge connection taking you over the King Street Station train transit hub. This leads to the International District, Seattle's name for its Chinatown.

In the photo above you see the Sounder, that's a transit train that runs between Tacoma and Everett and is part of the multi-billion mass transit project approved by voters a few year's ago. Much of the transit project has been mired in typical Seattle fighting, the end result of which is usually a vastly improved end product. Next to the Sounder is the Talgo, a highspeed Amtrak train that runs between Vancouver and Portland.

The new Seahawk Stadium with the Mariner Stadium, Safeco Field peeking out on the left.

Another view of the two stadiums. The new football stadium does not have a retractable roof. In this photo the roof of Safeco Field is open.

Looking straight into the new football stadium rising where the Kingdome used to stand with the roof of Safeco Field arching in the background.

On the left you see part of the new football stadium, but what we are really looking at here has nothing to do with dumb jocks. We are standing outside Uijamaya looking at the headquarters of  A totally Seattle scene, high tech, successful Internet business located next to the offices of Paul Allen, another high tech, successful Seattle business entity and one who is largely to blame or to be praised for the destruction of the Kingdome and for the vastly nicer new Seahawk stadium.

We mentioned Uijamaya a couple times.
Here is Wanda picking through some produce in the
grocery store part of the Uijamaya complex.


If you would like to hold an event in a Pavilion with a
view of Mount Baker, look no further than