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Dallas had its Pegasus Flying Horses, Chicago had cows, Houston also had cows,  several cities across the world have had this phenomenon occur. Hundreds of pigs were all over town. Tourists acquired maps just so they could see all the pigs. The pigs were so varied, so clever, so amusing and so much fun to discover. 

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Porca, the Killer Whale Pig. This was at the plaza at Westlake Center. This was my favorite pig.


Pigs on each corner at this location.

The pig at the market. Seattle chose the pig as its animal because of a pig statue which has long occupied a place of honor at Pikes Place Market, but that's not the pig you see here, this piggy is one of the 'art' pigs.

Wanda and a pig by the Harbor Steps.

A skiing pig, also by the Harbor Steps.

Across the street from the Seattle Art Museum. That is Hammering Man across the street, and at his feet is another pig.

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