The Vast Pacific


The entry to Grays Harbor at the far south end of Ocean Shores where it appears a pair of typically fit Washingtonion senior citizens are strolling the beach showing the sort of high activity level which keeps the obesity levels far lower than other regions of the United States, like Texas for example.

On the spit that protects Grays Harbor. Big waves can occur here. These waves were fairly mild. On a good day you would not be able to stand where these young models are standing.

A pair of Ocean Trolls seeing how long they can sit without getting wet.

To get to Ocean Shores you drive a road that runs just south of Olympic National Park. This is likely a herd of Roosevelt Elk who spend most of the year protected inside the park.

A wider view of the herd.


If you would like to hold an event in a Pavilion with a
view of Mount Baker, look no further than