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 & Underwater Park

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The Edmonds Underwater Park and Brackett's Landing Park is located just north of the Edmonds-Kingston Ferry Landing at the foot of Main Street. 

The Park includes more than 27 acres of tide and bottom lands of which approximately half have been developed with features and trails specifically for divers.

The Underwater Park is a series of man-made reef structures interspersed with sunken vessels in various states of decay, which together create an extensive artificial habitat for a wide variety of marine life. These features are connected by an extensive network of fixed guide ropes anchored to the bottom which make it easy for divers to get around the Park.

The man-made reefs are made from, concrete blocks, tractor tires, PVC pipes of various sizes, sunken navigation buoys, an old tree trunk, sunken boats & ships, old pieces of the 520 floating bridge.
The underwater park is located directly north of the Edmonds terminal of the Kingston ferry. Take I-5 to Edmonds and follow the signs towards the ferry. Don't get in the ferry lanes. Turn left towards the ferry at the intersection at the front of the ferry lane. Turn right into the Brackett's landing parking lot immediately across the railroad tracks.

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