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Lynden is a classic American small town located about 5 miles south of the Canadian border. Lynden is known far and wide for its Dutch charm, so much so that many say Lynden is like a visit to Holland without a passport. Lynden's Dutch heritage stems from the turn of the century, when Dutch immigrants arrived and began to transform Lynden into a prosperous agricultural region.

Today Lynden is one of the largest dairy centers in the nation with the world's largest powdered milk plant and with 29 churches and a population of 9,020 Lynden has one of the world's highest per capita number of churches.

Lynden annually has one of the biggest and best fairs in the State of Washington, and festivals throughout the year, such as Holland Days, the Raspberry Festival, the Plowing Match, Harvest Festival and Sinterklass and Lynden in Lights.

For many people in the Pacific Northwest, when they feel the urge to experience their Dutchness, but a trip to Holland is not practical, when a yearning for Sinterklass, the Dutch Christmas, or just a craving for some Dutch cooking or some Dutch shopping, a trip to Lynden is a satisfying substitute for the distant Holland homeland. With shops selling Delft blue ceramics, Dutch lace, wooden shoes, windmills & olliebollen, a mall in the center of downtown with a canal running through it reminiscent of Amsterdam, next to a motel where you can spend the night in a windmill, all in a place that has to be the tidiest, most litter free, immaculate town in America, where every yard is mowed precisely and a fallen leaf spends very little time on the ground...for all those who's ancestors searched across America, finally finding paradise at the far reach of the continent, Lynden is a monument to their Holland homeland.


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