Why Eyes on Texas?
Eyes on Texas began after the move to Texas as a way to show people back home in the state of Washington what we were seeing and doing in Texas.

Why Mostly North Texas?
We live in the D/FW Metroplex. Towards the Fort Worth end of the Metro area. We've received a lot of suggestions regarding other places we need to see in Texas besides this focus on where we live. We have been to San Antonio and west Texas and El Paso, Amarillo, Lubbock, Abiliene and many other locales, but that was prior to documenting such places in this venue. We have not been to the south Gulf Coast zone or the Big Bend area or Laredo or Cap Rock or Palo Duro Canyons. All shortcomings we hope to someday soon rectify..

Unintended Consequences
As various events and festivals were webpaged we soon found ourselves answering a lot of questions due to the webpages frequently being first on the list when people search for information. The
Parker County Peach Festival for instance. We get asked for directions, vendor info, why it's only a one day event and just yesterday someone asked if we knew where she could get the peach salsa she got at the previous year's festival. 

Fort Worth Fixation
Since we live in Fort Worth we may seem Fort Worth fixated. We've been told we have way too much fun making fun of Fort Worth's Star-Telegram newspaper, most recently in
The Envy of the World, all about how Fort Worth turns the world green with envy.

Dallas Cowboy Scandal & Gas
When we were appalled to see all the homes and apartments and lives disrupted for the new Dallas Cowboy Stadium we characterized it as a scandal. This has gotten some interesting comments from around the world. When the Barnett Shale natural gas boom brought a potential boom to our neighborhood we webpaged our new neighbor

Impressed in Texas
Over the years we've been impressed by many good things in Texas. Canton's First Monday's was the first time a Texas attraction impressed us. The first time anything in Fort Worth impressed us as honestly enviable was the Main Street Arts Festival. The most fun we've had in Texas took place down by Glen Rose at the Fossil Rim Wildlife Center. Another event worth the drive is the
Sweetwater Rattlesnake Roundup.  

We get a lot of interesting feedback, often from people amused, sometimes from people not so amused. We get feedback from people in Fort Worth who like our take on what we see and feedback from other Fort Worth natives suggesting we leave town and never come back.

But the biggest controversy erupted quite surprisingly from our take on a visit to something we thought we enjoyed,
Scarborough Faire Renaissance Festival  This visit occurred over 3 years ago and we still get feedback. And an invite from Houston's Renaissance Festival to do the same thing to them.

Favorite Location
Our favorite location in the D/FW Metroplex may be in Arlington at a place called
River Legacy Park.

Scenic Texas
The most scenic thing we've seen since we've been in Texas isn't in Texas, it's up in Oklahoma at
Turner Falls Park. A close second in the scenic department is in Texas, down in Hill Country at Enchanted Rock

Fort Worth's Dallas Obsession
Fort Worth has some sort of inferiority complex regarding Dallas, and with good reason, basically Dallas makes Fort Worth green with envy, which causes Fort Worth to imagine other places envying Fort Worth in some sort of civic psychological transference, according to a shrink we consulted about Fort Worth's Dallas obsession. One sore point is Dallas has the world's largest bronze sculpture. Of Longhorns. Sort of a Fort Worth trademark. Another sore point is Dallas has the successful Dallas Farmer's Market. Which apparently Fort Worth did not know existed when Fort Worth opened what Fort Worth claimed to be the first public market in Texas modeled after Seattle's Pike Place Market and others in what was the most outrageous example we've experienced yet of a slight tendency in some Texans to exaggerate and hyperbolize.

Fort Worth's Best
One thing Fort Worth could put more focus on is what we think is the best thing about Fort Worth, that being the Stockyards. The Stockyards is fun. Good restaurants. Good bars. Always something going on. And twice a day Cowboys run a Herd of Longhorns from one end of the Stockyards to the other.


A Longhorn in Wildflowers at Lake Grapevine
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