Special to Eyes on Texas:  Sent to Texas from Wanda in Seattle after Wanda saw the Eyes on Texas look at the new Santa Fe Rail Market in Fort Worth which has been described in promotional hype as being modeled after Seattle's Pike Place Market and markets in Europe and as being the first in Texas. Wanda has been to the Dallas Farmer's Market which she thought did seem sort of like Pike Place...




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the captions under the photos are by Wanda


entrance to the market at pike street



fresh produce



pike place fish co -where the fish fly



flying fish handler



making flower arrangements



art for sale






news stand


best place to get smoked salmon cocktails



market theater



latino market - chili peppers in front



sur la table - great place for kitchen supplies



piroshky warm from the oven - it's a good thing



applause for musicians outside the original starbucks store



another musician takes over, it's a prime spot.



the sanitary market - so called because back in the day, horses were not allowed in this section



post alley- lots more hidden shops and cafes



the best greek place at the market, tricky to find the entrance though



more fish, good place for oysters



river dancers in post alley



it can get very crowded, don't go this way if you are in a hurry



someone's taking home a whole lot of flowers