Fort Worth

The links below are all about Fort Worth. 

Fort Worth
Eyes on Fort Worth Home Page

The Envy of the World
Fort Worth turns everyone green 

Fort Worth's Flatulence Problem
Barnett Shale 

Fort Woof & Gateway Park 
Dogs and flood residue

Iron Horse Trail 
an easy walk through Fort Worth's history

Fort Worth Herd
twice a day, every day, cowboys and longhorns

Fort Worth Stockyards
where the west may have begun

2003 Fort Worth Stock Show 
Cowtown's annual show of stock

The Stockyard Ruins 
a unique part of a famous tourist attraction

La Grave Field 
the envy of its baseball league

First Public Market in Fort Worth 
a new twist in the ongoing Fort Worth Rail Market debacle

The Wild Wild Rust 
the dangerous frontier of the Fort Worth art world

Santa Fe Rail Market in Fort Worth: update: propaganda meets reality

Downtown Fort Worth
Watergardens, Sundance Square, Eyesore Skyscrapers

Fort Worth Stock Show Parade
world's biggest non-motorized parade

National Cowgirl Museum & Hall of Fame Parade
see the world's oldest cowgirl

Fort Worth Main Street Arts Festival
art from all over the country

Texas Tacky

Chisholm Trail Roundup
more cowboy activity in the Stockyards

Fort Worth Refuge
Fort Worth Nature Preserve with bayous and prairie dogs

Fort Worth Tornado Update
progress reports as the years pass and the damage slowly disappears from the March, 2000 tornado

Texas Spring Palace
a monument to a forgotten moment in Texas history

Lee Harvey Oswald Gravesite
location of Fort Worth's most notorious citizen

Fort Worth Fixation
Since we live in Fort Worth we may seem Fort Worth fixated. We've been told we have way too much fun making fun of Fort Worth's Star-Telegram newspaper, most recently in
The Envy of the World, all about how Fort Worth turns the world green with envy.

Fort Worth Gas
 When the Barnett Shale natural gas boom brought a potential boom to our neighborhood we webpaged our new neighbor

Impressed in Texas
Over the years we've been impressed by many good things in Texas. Canton's First Monday's was the first time a Texas attraction impressed us. The first time anything in Fort Worth impressed us as honestly enviable was the Main Street Arts Festival

We get a lot of interesting feedback, often from people amused, sometimes from people not so amused. We get feedback from people in Fort Worth who like our take on what we see and feedback from other Fort Worth natives suggesting we leave town and never come back.

Fort Worth's Dallas Obsession
Fort Worth has some sort of inferiority complex regarding Dallas, and with good reason, basically Dallas makes Fort Worth green with envy, which causes Fort Worth to imagine other places envying Fort Worth in some sort of civic psychological transference, according to a shrink we consulted about Fort Worth's Dallas obsession. One sore point is Dallas has the world's largest bronze sculpture. Of Longhorns. Sort of a Fort Worth trademark. Another sore point is Dallas has the successful Dallas Farmer's Market. Which apparently Fort Worth did not know existed when Fort Worth opened what Fort Worth claimed to be the first public market in Texas modeled after Seattle's Pike Place Market and others in what was the most outrageous example we've experienced yet of a slight tendency in some Texans to exaggerate and hyperbolize.

Fort Worth's Best
One thing Fort Worth could put more focus on is what we think is the best thing about Fort Worth, that being the Stockyards. The Stockyards is fun. Good restaurants. Good bars. Always something going on. And twice a day Cowboys run a Herd of Longhorns from one end of the Stockyards to the other.

A Longhorn in Wildflowers at Lake Grapevine
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