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Mansfield Balloon Fest 2001 

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Why does this girl have a balloon under her arm?

Last year's Mansfield Balloon Fest ended in a disastrous mud bath caused by 12 inches of rain. This year no rain fell. The balloons were able to fly. The Balloon Fest is a very typical, very interesting small town Texas Festival; arts and crafts, music, all manner of deep fried food, everything from turkey legs to pickles. You can see for yourself by floating over these balloon photos. There is no need for explanatory comment for the most part. 

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Flo and Kay. The Hillbilly Sisters. Kettle Korn purveyors.

Mansfield is one of the many small towns which make up the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex... Mansfield is south of Arlington, on the southern frontier of the Metroplex.

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Rock climbing and ballooning are what are known as Extreme Sports.


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Mansfield mass transit.

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The rising balloons begin to draw people away from the Fried Pickle and Tomato Stand.

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The balloon's begin to rise for the evening moonglow as the sun begins to set on this rockclimber.


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At other times of the year this would be Santa Claus.

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Balloon Chaser Big Ed is the ballast on the left side of this Gondola.



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This appears to be a fire breathing balloon woman making the moonglow happen here.



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There appears to be a fire in the hole.

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The darker it gets the larger the crowd grows.

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Moonglow is what it's called when the balloons are fired up at sunset, the torch firing into the balloon causes a glow. During the day this is likely called sunglow.

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