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The McDonald's at Montfort Drive and LBJ Freeway in Dallas was built in the form of the World's Biggest Happy Meal, with gigantic sculptures of Ronald McDonald, Big Macs, French Fries and Cokes. The Travel Channel lists it as one of the 10 most unique McDonald's out of 30,000 Worldwide.  This McDonald's has such touches as Austrian crystal chandeliers, Ralph Lauren wallpaper, granite floors, mahogany booths and incandescent lighting. And the restrooms are, well, like all restrooms should be.


World's Largest McDonald's?
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The World's Biggest Happy Meal Box in the form of a McDonald's. Inside the Happy Meal Box is a kid's playground on steroids.

A "Happy Meal" is a meal specially tailored for children, sold at the fast-food chain McDonald's since June 1979. A toy is typically included with the food, both of which are usually contained in a small box or paper bag with the McDonald's logo.

In the United States the Happy meal includes, a side order consisting of small order of fries or pre-cut apples, a child size soft drink, milk, chocolate milk or apple juice, a hamburger, cheeseburger, or four-piece order of Chicken McNuggets. In some locations such as in Australia, the choices have been expanded to include items such as a grilled cheese sandwich (known as a "Fry Kid"), or more "healthy" options such as apple slices, salads or pasta, as one or more of the options.

When this Dallas McDonald's opened, that noted local purveyor of misinformation, the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, told its readers the new McDonald's was designed by the same people who designed Disney's new corporate headquarters. Which we thought explained why it seems to be the most Disneyesque McDonald's in the World.

However, we have heard from Stephen Seitz, AIA of SeitzArchitects, Inc.. letting us know that it was David E. Larsen + Associates, Inc., from Dallas that designed the World's Most Unique McDonald's.

This is the final straw. It's time to cancel the subscription to the Star-Telegram. Both because of mistakes and because they've raised the subscription price a buck for their shrinking newspaper.

In the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, and other countries, McDonald's has recently introduced a "healthy option" to the Happy Meal - children can now choose to have milk or a fruit juice drink instead of a soft drink, and bags of dried fruit (or a whole piece of fruit such as an apple, or carrot sticks) in place of fries.



Quote from a Travel Website Forum:
"You're probably thinking, 'Why is he reviewing McDonald's?!?!!' It's because this specific McDonald's location is a Dallas attraction you cannot miss. I can almost guarantee you that it's the nicest McDonald's in the country. It's shaped like a Happy Meal!!! The drive through is like a ride at Disneyland complete with lights in the ground (think airport runway) and a planetarium over your car (so rad) Your typical McDonald's food will be found here, but the reason why I'm telling you to check this place out is not cause of the food, but cause of the amazing building it's all housed in!"
"Where is the McDonald's in Dallas, Texas that is shaped like a happy meal box?" a reader writes.

The Worlds' Most Unique McDonald's is at 13105 MONTFORT DRIVE, just east of the Galleria Mall, take the Montfort exit off I-635 (LBJ Freeway). The McDonald's is located on the north side of the freeway. You can't miss it.

If you need more help with directions go to the Montfort McDonald's website.

The interior is not your usual McDonald's. The food is your usual McDonald's. Depending on your point of view that can be a good thing.

To ensure that the trademark is internationally recognizable, McDonald's now uses the term "Happy Meal" in most countries. There are some exceptions, such as in Quebec, where it is also called "Joyeux festin" (literally meaning "happy little feast") but is called "Happy Meal" in France. In Spanish-speaking Hispanic America and Puerto Rico it is known as "Cajita Feliz" (Happy Little box in Spanish), but in Spain, it is called "Happy Meal". In Brazil is known as "McLanche Feliz" (Happy McSnack in Portuguese), however in Portugal it is also called "Happy Meal". In Japan, it was called Okosama Lunch from 1987 to 1988, then Okosama Set from 1988 to 1995 (Okosama is a polite word for "child"), before being renamed to "Happy Set". In Germany, it was known as "Juniortüte" (Bag for Juniors in German) until 1999

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