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...an on-line saga of epic proportions
or an on-line epic of saga proportions...

A bucolic country landscape. A road meandering no where in particular. Potholes. Cemeteries. Churches. Cows. Farms. To some observers Texas may not seem scenic . But steer your car off the freeway, away from all that is urban to a rural back country mostly unchanged from the  Frontier Days of the early settlers and you will find the real Texas of Myth and Lore, the Texas of the past that is the source of much that makes Texans proud and can make non-Texans sometimes cringe. The wanton disregard for aesthetics. Interesting edibles. The use of the open spaces as an all purpose litter bag. The open brandishing of firearms and the sometimes indecipherable twang and drawl of a True Texas accent. The cultural remnants of any of the at least Six Flags which have flown over Texas.

It was to this unknown unbeforeseen seemingly godforsaken backwoods section of Texas that Durango moved late in the last century, decades after the reported arrival of civilization, generations past the open wounds caused by the War of Northern Aggression as a Northerner quickly learns to call the Civil War if he dares to speak of that unpleasantness to a Deep Country Texan. A tract of worn out looking land that no sane person would decide to settle on, much less to build a house on, leave alone an entire town.....this was the new Land of Durango , a worn frontier needing to be tamed. A Land filled with descendants of early settlers who got as far West as these flat badlands of Texas and who did not have the vision or the energy to continue on to greener pastures further West, even though some Texan outposts boast delusional mottoes claiming to be "Where the West Begins".  Any person who has been further West suspects the West begins somewhere else, maybe further north, maybe even further east, St. Louis perhaps. It seems pure hubris to say the 'West Begins' in Texas. To Western eyes looking across the country from any of the states bordering either side of the Rockies or touching the Pacific, Texas seems too far South, and too far East to stake a claim to be where the West Begins, at least the physical West. Even so, it seems possible a case could be made that the metaphoric Wild West of Myth may have ended in Texas, with the visits to Hell's Half Acre in Fort Worth by Butch and Sundance. 

And so, even though this Land which is Texas does not easily reveal its charms, it is once more being invaded by settlers, drawn by something uniquely Texan, that pathological braggadocio, the raw capitalism, the sheer energy of a place where so many people make so much money and so many dreams come true while living on a land that was once described by a Texan as put here special by God on His last day of building the Earth, when He was tired and didn't have the energy to make any more mountains, He left the land flat and barren and void of scenic beauty, and when He saw what He had done He saw that it was not good. And so He decided that He must make a type of Man who liked it this way. And now there are over 20 million of them. Old Texans, Native Texans, New Texans. 

This is the story of one new Texan named Durango, reverse migrated via modern covered wagon from the fabled  God's Country of the Pacific Northwest. This is Durango's attempt to come to terms with Texas, to discover the Charms of Texas, to find the beauty of Texas, to try to understand Texas, to clearly focus Durango's . .....

Eyes on Texas


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