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Rosie the Rat Dog has been receiving email from Rat Dog's around the world...some Rat Dog's just want to say hi...others have been attracted to Rosie in other ways...with offers to mate, marry or just be Pen Pals...so far Rosie has turned down all the offers...except for the Pen Pal requests...


From: Otterpengu@aol.com
Date: Sun, 21 Sep 2003 12:42:39 EDT
Subject: Rosie the Rat Dog
To: durango@durangotexas.com 

Dear Rosie,
You are my Rat Dog Star! You are a dog-goddess in my own family  dwelling! I am going to share your site with all our canine neighbors! 


Dear Bean,
The happiest day in my life was the day you moved in. Even though your barking and high energy can get on my nerves at times, I know you are only trying to protect me. Like that time Uncle Durango put us in his time out barrel,  you'd didn't shut up until he set us free.




From: "butchie" <wawa@wolfenet.com>
To: "Rosie the Rat Dog" <durango@wolfenet.com>
Subject: My demented keeper

Dear Rosie,
I'm a cat by species, but I'm a dog by nature, I like to think of myself as a Rat Dog. I have a huge 300 pound bald geekazoid who takes care of me. I think he has been neutered because I've seen no litters of little geekazoids and my caretaker seems to treat me like I'm his little baby---he talks baby talk to me, holds me like a baby, feeds me milk out of a bottle, buys cutesy hats for me to wear, pushes me around the neighborhood in a baby carriage---you are lucky your caretakers do not subject you to such indignities.

Love ya, Rosie,
Butchie the Rat Cat

Dear Butchie,
I am so blessed I don't live with a geekazoid. What planet is he from? If you ever wanna run away from home, I would understand.

Rosie the Geekazoid-Free Rat Dog


From: "satchel" <kellyr@ozemail.com.au>
To: "Rosie the Rat Dog" <durango@wolfenet.com>
Subject: RE: The Aussie Rat Dog!

Hi Rosie,
This is Satchel the Rat Dog from the Central Coast, Australia here. I had a little trouble with typing on the keyboard with my paws so I have my secretary Kate do the typing.

I have seen a frisbee or two in my life time but much prefer a scummy looking rubber ring on an old bit of rope myself. I also have a passion for collecting socks and taking them to bed with me at night.

As Kate walks me in the bush a lot here, I love to chase the odd kangaroo and swim in the dam. This means I keep pretty trim and terrific as you will see in the photos.

I think it may be my ears that gave me the 'Rat Dog' name, you look as if you have a fine pair yourself !

Well, I'm kind of getting a bit hungry now. So I think I will go and hassle my owners and then cuddle on the couch and watch the X Files.

See Ya Later,

Hi Satchel,
You are one good looking Rat Dog. If you ever get to America please give me a bark. I wish I could chase a kangaroo. I chase an occasional squirrel or buffalo, but never anything as fun as a kangaroo.

See ya sooner,

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From: "rachel" <mp@nbc.com>
To: "Rosie the Rat Dog" <durango@wolfenet.com>
Subject: RE: Another Rat Dog!

Dear Rosie---
My name is Rachel the Rat Dog. I live with a goofy guy in Los Angeles. He takes me to the grocery store with him cuz he thinks I help him meet chicks. So far it hasn't worked.

Rachel the Rat Dog

Hi Rachel--
It was great to hear from an LA Rat Dog. I've heard there are a lot of good-looking Mexican Rat Dog's down there. I'm hoping my humans will take me to Disneyland someday soon.


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From: sugar <penguin@telcomplus.com>
To: durango@wolfenet.com
Subject: Sugar to Rosie

Dear Rosie,

My Aunt Tiffany asked me to send you a picture for your web page. She is kinda bossy so I thought I had better do what she says. Don't get me wrong, I really did want to become a penpal with you but I am kinda shy and it took her being bossy to get me to open up. I love my Aunt Tif, but when she comes here to stay with my owners they spoil her and kinda ignore me. She is getting old so I suppose I shouldn't complain. I get teased because I have a strange bark. Anyhow I wanted to tell you that I think you are a cute rat dog.

Your friend,

Dear Sugar,
Reading between the lines I get the idea you have very overbearing relatives, but you seem very sweet inspite of them.




To: <rosie>durango@wolfenet.com
From: penguin@mail.brigadoon.com (Tiffany)
Subject: Rosie the Rat Dog

Dear Rosie,

My owner (I like to make her think she owns me...I get better treats that way) is typing this for me.

I have visited your web site many times and think it is very nice, but some of the company you keep is questionable. You are such a sweet little girl (I feel I can call you that since I am your elder) I would hate to see you taken in by some smooth talker.

Keep up the travels and keep telling us pets that have to stay home about all of your wonderful adventures.

Your friend,

Princess Tiffany Toi

Dear Tiffany,
You are the fuzziest Rat Dog I've ever seen. I agree with what you say about the company I keep. I keep hoping Rat Dog Protective Services will come rescue me. If your humans keep refusing to take you anywhere you might wanna run away from home and be a Rat Dog on the Road for awhile. When you come back home your humans won't let you out of their sight.

Hope to see you on the road!



To: durango@wolfenet.com
From: teddy@hctc.com
Subject: Rosie the Rat Dog

Dear Rosie,

You're cute. But I think I'm cuter.


Dear Mugsy,
I think you're probably right.


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Two Human Rosie Pen Pals
representing two points of view...

From: judith.maclellan@pei.sympatico.ca
To: durango@wolfenet.com
Subject: RosieNumberTwo

I think that Rosie O'Donnell is a total sweatie. And this page just sucks. Anyone who thinks this is funny is a loser. So get a life!!!!

Judy Judy Judy,
Rosie O'Donnell does not sweat excessively and Rosie the Rat Dog feels it was very rude of you to say such a thing.


From: NURSEASSIST@prodigy.net
To: durango@wolfenet.com
Subject: RosieNumberOne

Very enjoyable web site.
And a very cute dog!!

Dear Nurse Assist,
You can take care of me anytime. You have very good judgment and exquisite tastes!

Rosie O'Doggell (aka Rosie the Rat Dog)

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